Error 1001 DNS resolution error when I don't use Cloudflare

We are experiencing an issue when attempting to access our sites. We are receiving an Error 1001 DNS resolution error, despite not using Cloudflare for our sites and not having any DNS records associated with Cloudflare. We need assistance in resolving this Cloudflare error, as we do not utilize Cloudflare.

Most likely something running on your machine or network is redirecting requests to Cloudflare IPs. You’ll need to double-check the IP address that the domain you are accessing resolves to by running nslookup on Windows or dig on other operating systems. You can then compare that against what the rest of the world resolves by using a tool like

If your local results are different to the online tool above, then this is an issue with your local network that you’ll need to work with your administrator to solve.


Thank you for your answer but seems that results are the same

Has GoDaddy told you anything about this?

Yes, go to Cloudflare support :sweat_smile:

Fair enough. I am actually not terribly surprised to hear that.

Are you in control of the host at What are you expecting to see from an HTTP connection to that domain?

Wordpress site. Right now I understand some more context and create a ticket for Bubble support. We created Bubble app and set up domain “notaryjournalapp com” for this app. After that we decided to move the app on subdomain and return wordpress site as a landing. We don’t use Cloudflare but half an hour ago I understood that Bubble use Cloudflare. And seems that for some reason when I deleted domain configuration from Bubble it didn’t delete Cloudflare configuration (and of course I don’t have access to do it manually).

Ok, that explains why you are seeing the Cloudflare error page. It would seem that Bubble is using Cloudflare’s “Bring your own IP” service.

You probably forgot to change your DNS records after you created your Wordpress site, so your domain is still pointing to Bubble’s IP address, not to wherever your Wordpress site is hosted.

Who is your host for the Wordpress site? If that host also uses Cloudflare, some Cloudflare for SaaS issues might be involved if you did change your DNS records.

No, I don’t forget to change A records on my hosting and Wordpress site don’t use Cloudflare, unfortunately

When I configured DNS records for Bubble I changed only A records. Right after our decision to mone Bubble app on subdomain I added A records for subdomain and returned A records for Wordpress site. And the problem that before that the site worked but after returning absolutely the same DNS configurations I started to receive this error

On the screenshot you may notice that configurations for domain and subdomain differs (I not professional and I don’t know why IP for @ and www records differs, it’s a little bit strange as for me but it was initial configurations when Wordpress site worked)

Where are you hosting your Wordpress site? Did you make sure to add your domain to the hosts configuration again?

We use GoDaddy and sorry I’m not quite sure how to add domain to the hosts configuration. Can you explain me how to do it?

What kind of hosting are you using? A rootserver? VPS? Or something else?

Can you show a screenshot that included your IP address from your hosting panel?

Oh, I understand. Sorry I can’t do it right now. I don’t have credentials to login hosting where site is situated. Just know that it was super simple site and 90% sure it’s rootserver

At this point I’m starting to suspect that neither IP currently assigned to the apex name or the www hostname are correct.

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In this case, since you are a Bubble customer and they are using Cloudflare - they would manage the configuration of your hostname and the correct details for configuring the nameservers & DNS for the domain.

On that basis, you would need to contact Bubble’s customer team to understand what might be missing in your configuration here. It’s correct that your domain IPs are pointing to an IP belonging to GoDaddy but that are powered through Cloudflare’s network.

Typically these types of providers like Bubble will be using the Cloudflare for SaaS platform:

The fact that you’re getting an Error 1001: DNS resolution error implies they have removed your hostname from Cloudflare. They would need to confirm that and either correct your domain’s DNS (so it isn’t pointing to Cloudflare) or re-deploy the hostname.


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