Error 1001 CNAME not working correctly

i created a CNAME record to a subdomain, the main domain is, and when i access to it, it shows an error 1001.

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I am not sure what you are expecting to happen, but I’m confident that a CNAME does not do what you think it does.

Requests sent to your CNAME contain an HTTP host header that tells the server receiving the request the name of the site. Those requests will be sent to whatever server is at the IP that the canonical name resolves to.

Your CNAME alias of is pointing a :orange: proxied hostname of This results in your requests being sent to the Cloudflare proxy asking for site named The domain does not use Cloudflare, so the proxy has no idea where to send your requests that contain that HTTP host header. This results in the error you are seeing.

If you can tell us what you hope to see happen, we can guide you in the right direction if it is possible or let you know if it is something that cannot be done.

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The idea is that the request becomes and goes through Cloudflare to avoid the DDoS and goes to the destination web server. In the domain we can change anything, but we cannot change the nameservers of

The way you phrased that unfortunately did little to clarify what you are hoping to see. You appear to be asking how to send traffic through Cloudflare via a domain name that doesn’t use Cloudflare. You cannot do that.

You are not going to be sending any traffic for any hostnames through Cloudflare as that domain does not use Cloudflare. This means that Cloudflare has no idea what to do with traffic that is looking for You will need to create a redirect to on a server that has a virtual host that responds to requests for

Based on the limitations of your starting domain not using Cloudflare, a hosted HTTP/HTTPS redirect on another server is going to be the most expedient solution.