Error 1001 after removing cloudflare

Hi there. I have added Cloudflare to my website and used it for 2 days but after getting numerous gateway timeouts which I didn’t have before I decided to remove it. After removal and changing back the nameservers to my hosting provider I get 1001 error when accessing my website through https protocol. Https protocol Wil lead to an ssl error. Can anyone help? It has passed a couple of hours since I did this but my website is down and I need to know if it will fix by itself after the propagation completes or if something in broken.

Likely it will fix when the nameserver change propagates. If you can give the domain name it is easier to check.

My website is

Looks to be propagated ok…

You are using Bluehost that is a Cloudflare partner so maybe that’s where the issue is coming from. Try Bluehost support, the IP is theirs so it’s not a DNS issue.

Does this mean waiting won’t fix the problem? And the problem is els were?

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