Error 10004 : cannot be proxied

Im starting with cloudflare. Im trying to conect my domain to my shopify page, but when i add the shopify IP as a type A record, the system tells me error code 10004:“this record type cannot be proxied”. Obviously the IP is correct. Why does this happen? i have been trying for 2 hours, hoping is a temporary error but it seems its not

Shopify already uses Cloudflare. You can’t layer your own Cloudflare proxy over their Cloudflare proxy. Yours has to be set to :grey: DNS Only.

Sdayman thank you, but i dont really understand what you are proposing i do.

First of all, im using cloudflare after seing 3 tutorials that say i have to use it beacause i cannot conect directly my “.cl” site (because NIC Chile, my domain owner, does not have a way that i can put the shopify ip directly, so it forces me and all chileans that have a “.cl” site, to use a third party). All chilean tutorials suggest to use cloudflare as this third party to conect to the shopify page. Also the shopify tutorial says i have to create a A type record pointing to the shopify IP.

That’s fine. But when you create the “A” record, make sure it’s toggled to :grey: DNS Only. Not :orange:.

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