Error 1000 with Nginx as proxy

Hello friend,

I got the below error after activating Cloudflare DNS.

I am using Nginx as proxy of my server and point the DNS to my server. Nginx list port 80, apache list port 8080. Nginx forward to apache to cache on my server. I am wondering if it is the reason why the error happen?

I found the support thread here but not sure what is my problem. Please help.


Your setup should not be the issue. The question is which IP address you entered. Make sure it is a public one. You could also post it here if you dont mind it being out in the public :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, sandro.

My server IP:

Could you help me look at it?

And thats the IP you entered for your host in your Cloudflare control panel?

Yes, I use it for A record.

Hmm, the error message claims that IP is on Cloudflare’s network. I’d open a support ticket and clarify if there is maybe a potential IP mixup. You can do so at

This is the screenshot of DNS settings

Yep, I could confirm it. I was a bit too quick with my previous response regarding the screenshot :slight_smile:

Please check out my last reply concerning the support ticket.

Thank you very much, I sent the support ticket.