Error 1000 will not go away for the website

I created a Cloudfare account after a former web designer asked me to move the access my account.
I changed the nameserver at my registrant to the new ones that Cloudfare gave me from the old Cloudfare nameserservers.

Once everything went through, I started receiving the Error 1000 for the website.

I read about the error and change the DNS A records to point to the correct web host but it did not help. Still I continued to receive the Error 1000. I did verify with several tools that the correct IP address was return for the site

I sat up DNS on Godaddy for the domain and move the nameservers to Godaddy DNS and verified with several tools that Godaddy’s nameservers are listed but I still continue to receive the Error 1000 message when typing the URL into a web browser.

I am not sure what do do now?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you Kirk.

WP Engine is using Cloudflare Proxy, so you cannot simply use an A record to point to your website.

Check User Portal Domain Management - Support Center and follow the mentioned steps to add your domain to your site.

Edit: Unless I’m mistaken and your site is not using WP Engine.

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