Error 1000 when attempting to turn on Certificate Transparency Monitoring

Hello, when I try to turn on Certificate Transparency Monitoring I get a message saying “Error processing request. (Code: 1000)”
Screenshot 2021-03-29 10.29.32 AM
What is the cause of this?

This error knew to occur to me when the domain has recently been added to a Cloudflare account and the nameservers change did not yet propagated, so if I clicked on “enable” for Certificate Transparency Monitoring, would throw me that kind of an error due to not having an Universal SSL certificate issued yet.

Kindly, wait for few more hours and check back.

Or if you have “Pending nameserver change”, try manually clicking on the button (if available to you) “Re-check now”.

Moreover, may I ask what is your domain name so we could check if the nameservers are as the needed ones (Cloudflare)?

Obviously from my point of view, the nameservers are not yet confirmed to be changed due to the DNS propagation time and if you try to enable Certificate Transparency due to not yet having an Unversal SSL certificate issued from Cloudflare for your domain.

Or if you can re-check to get Universal SSL if it cannot be issued here:

Could be I am wrong if not in your case like it was in mine, and this could indicate an Dashboard internal error.

I need to change the nameservers that’s why

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