Error 1000 - Upgraded and lost the site

I am the owner of a site and I have just upgraded from a free plan on cloud flair to a paid plan. I changed the name servers as instructed, but now I have lost my site and I get this error: Error 1000

Can anyone help please. I am not very technical and as I am a one man band I have no one to ask for help.

Hi @kieran2,

Can you have a look at:

And if you can’t work it out, post a screenshot of your DNS records in Cloudflare?

Did this happen as soon as you upgraded, and have you changed which Cloudflare account the domain is, at all?

Hi Thank you for responding. I honestly do not understand DNS stuff. I can change name servers, but I have no idea what I am doing beyond that!

Any help truly appreciated.

Yes it happened immediately after I changed the name servers on 123reg

No problem, the issue you have there is with those 6 records with ‘A’ next to them and also the 4 with ‘AAAA’ next to them. The IP addresses under ‘content’ are Cloudflare’s IPs, and not those of your server.

Did you have the domain on Cloudflare in a different account, and change the nameservers from one Cloudflare pair to another?

Do you have an IP address for your server listed in your web host or registrar’s control panel?

It was on a different account using a chaps name who used to work with me. I opened one in my name and set it up as a paid account.

Should I log in using the old account and remove Cloudflair?

That’s fine, you don’t need to remove the old account. So just checking, you have access to the account it was on before as well as the new one?

yes I do and it says the domain was removed?

On the old account, can you follow this guide to export the DNS:

Then on the new account, follow the steps to import the file.

That will probably be the quickest way to get the site up and running again. If that doesn’t work, or you have any issues, we can walk you through doing it a different way.

OK thank you very much - I will give it a go now.

No problem, that’s great - please let us know how it goes!

Hi again - not good. I did the export from the old account and then imported into the new account and it said:

Ah, sorry - I forgot that bit!

Click the x to the right of the A and AAAA records to remove the broken ones and try the import again. It is just detecting that some records already exist, but they are the wrong ones!

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ah ok - should I remove them in the new account first?

You don’t need to make any changes at all in the old account. Remove the A and AAAA ones in the new account and try the import again in the new account.

Hey - it worked - yank you.

Who are you anyway - do you work for Cloudflair?

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Sorry - I do not want to yank you, just thank you

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Excellent, glad it works. I don’t work for Cloudflare, no.

There is a post on what an MVP is/does here if you want to read it, but we are basically volunteers who choose to spend time here helping people :slight_smile:

ah, now getting this error:

Hmm… That is usually due to an issue on your server.

If you pause Cloudflare and wait 5 min, does your site work OK?