Error 1000 Squarespace domain to Cloudflare

We’re trying to point our domain from Squarespace (let’s say xxx. com) to Olo’s ordering site (let’s say olo-order. com). Right now that site is redirecting to a different domain (zzz. com) but we want to update that.

In order to do this, we would like to:

  1. Port the DNS for our existing Squarespace domain (xxx. com) to Cloudflare
  2. Update Squarespace to point to Cloudflare
  3. Update Cloudflare to point to Olo

However we keep getting the error 1000 page.

The deprecated tip linked to on error 1000 is great, it also has a link to the current docs.

Unfortunately I do not have any IT background, so all of this is new to me. I’ve looked into this but I believe I did not see any Cloudflare IP addresses. Also, how can I see the IPs? I’ve added all necessary CNAMEs that Olo and Squarespce have provided me.

Can you share any links to their docs on the setup?

Squarespace comes up from time to time here, never with a lot of success that I recall.

A couple of similar error 1000 posts that may help

The common theme in those posts is verify your dns records, record value and proxy status.
Squarespace directs to their community forum and that may be a good place to ask as I imagine it would have come up before.

Thank you so much for your reply and help.
I’ve attached a screenshot of the email I received from Squarespace when I asked for help.
The links they’ve sent me are the following:

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As for Olo (the company we’re working with to get our website to point to) replied to us with the following email

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