Error 1000 Ray ID: 774deea0df24b7ef --> DNS points to prohibited IP


When I try to access my website, i got a strange error:

# Error 1000
Ray ID: 774df4979d95fa38 • 2022-12-05 15:53:34 UTC
## DNS points to prohibited IP

IF I look to my DNS setting I can found only on the MX an message, please see printscreen below:

What do I have to do to fix this? Could you please help me?


This is not related to the MX entry. Take a look at the naked domain and the www entry, they should use that 50 address.

Hi Sandro,
The only www entry is this:

ANd if i want to cahnge it to use the 50. address i get another error: “Content for CNAME record is invalid. (Code: 9007)”.

What i can chechk next?

Can you post a full page screenshot of your DNS page?

That entry should probably be the same 50 address.


Thank you! it works. my website is up and running!

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