Error 1000 Ray ID: 65fd0c465bbf06c7 • 2021-06-15 16:06:50 UTC DNS points to prohibited IP

What happened?

We are experiencing the below error and we don’t know where to find another IP or resolve the issue. Pls assist
You’ve requested a page on a website ( that is on the Cloudflare network. Unfortunately, it is resolving to an IP address that is creating a conflict within Cloudflare’s system.

What can I do?

If you are the owner of this website:
you should login to Cloudflare and change the DNS A records for to resolve to a different IP address.

The IP address should be the one provided by your web host for your origin server.

This error is most commonly caused by one or more DNS records in the Cloudflare dashboard pointing to a Cloudflare IP address. It can also be caused if your DNS record(s) reference another reverse proxy. To resolve this, you should edit your DNS records to point to your origin server’s IP address.

More details in this Community Tutorial:

And this support article:


The comment from @sdayman is spot-on @ryan.masekela. You have two A records, one starts with 104, one with 172. Both addresses belong to cloudflare, not your origin host. You added the zone to cloudflare, removed, added it again. I suspect we picked up our own IP addresses when we automatically imported dns records. Your hosting provider can tell you what value you should put in the A record on your cloudflare dash.

BTW, I also suspect this is why you cannot find the zone, you deleted it.

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