Error 1000 - propagation or did i mess up?

Yeah i just checked it and saw it went back up!
Yes, this is the right website!

Thank you so much! I hope it will keep working fine!
So should I just ignore that message about exposed IP? also do I need to update this record in bluehost as well? cuz there it’s still the one with 66
Just making sure it’s set up right and I don’t run into problems again :smiley:

You can change the records back to proxied now.

You don’t need to make any changed in BlueHost DNS, it’s not used anymore.

I have no idea why you see a different IP address there, but as this one works, it’s obviously the right address. I guess the error message from the beginning was right after all :wink:

I see!
Thank you so much!
I was starting to freak out here xD

Have a wonderful day! :blush:

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