Error 1000 "prohibited IP" but it's a Digital Ocean IP

I just replaced the IP in an A record that had been working fine with the IP of a new Digital Ocean droplet. The previous IP that was working fine was also a Digital Ocean IP in the same data center.

All the issues mentioning this problem seem to be people putting in a Cloudflare IP but this is not my case.

The IP address I have put in is the IP assigned by Digital Ocean, not a Cloudflare IP, I’ve checked and double checked.

Proxy on of off, no difference.

What else could be causing this problem?

You get that error when adding it to Cloudflare? Can you post a screenshot? Whats the IP address?

Alright, and the full URL? That record has been successfully created.

That message does not come from your request. Apparently the request does go through Cloudflare to your server, but your server then proxies onwards and that request gets the 1000 error. Check out the client IP address it mentions on the page.

You mean: Your IP:

How does that happen?

Previous set up was the same, only another DO-provided IP

You need to check this on your server I am afraid.

Okay… This server is a copy (snapshot) of the previous one that was working. Nothing special in my Nginx config. It’s a dev server, not critical, but this is weird.

Thanks for your assistance

For some reason it will proxy the requests onwards, apparently to a host with a forbidden address or possibly to itself, but thats something only your server logs and configuration can tell you.

A mystery… I’ll look into it, thanks!

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