Error 1000 please urgent

Please have a look

which one have I to change?

Hi @julia_l,

Did you check the tutorial?

Hi, thanks what about the last three rows?

No problem, those three are all email related and would not cause the 1000 error. You have two different MX records and two different SPF records, so you should check with your email provider which of those you need.

Ok, I’ve removed the second one … the error is still there.
Have I just to wait for a while?

The site is working for me now.

yeass!!! It’s back!! :heart_eyes: Thank you!! :kissing_heart:

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No problem, glad you got it sorted!

sorry, its subdomain site is not visible anymore

have I to add other two A subdomain records as well?

I can’t insert in name … the result is just “turismo”!

That site works for me, it will show turismo, but that’s just the way Cloudflare displays it in the dashboard, it will work as the subdomain.

yes, thanks! it’s visible again!! :sweat_smile:

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