Error 1000 on Cloudflare Tunnel even with correct DNS A records

I have been trying to get Cloudflare Tunnel for my server running for hours now but I keep getting Error 1000 with recommendation to change the DNS A records.
I know for a fact that DNS A records are correct and working as my hosted test website is running properly with those same records. Quick tunnels are working correctly.
What can be the issue for this? I tried to look for solutions in the community but no solution.

Cloudflare Tunnel doesn’t use A records, though - what DNS records have you added?

I am running tunnel on a subdomain,
I have added A records for my domain, A records and AAAA records. Have added CNAME record for www too.
Tunnel has created its own CNAME record correctly as well.

  1. Its a new Cloudflare account and new domain, so proxy issue might not be present
  2. DNS records are not pointing to Cloudflare as my website with www subdomain is working

Take a screenshot of the records you added for the subdomain that uses Tunnels.

Just a clarfication, I did not create record for tunnel’s subdomain, it was automatically created
I am unable to upload image or add links,
CNAME for tunnel subdomain looks like this:

CNAME somesubdomain tunnelid??? Proxied Auto

Can the recent SSL issue with new DNS entries and new tunnels be causing this?
Although my other entries and quick tunnel is working.