Error 1000 massege

Hello can you help me with this subject “Error 1000” i allredy deleted the bad and old IP (dose the change is immidiatly or there is time i need to wait untill it will be updated (i am from israel). is there anything else i can do?

If you’re comfortable with sharing the IP address here, go ahead.

Otherwise, see if your site works with the record set to :grey: DNS-Only.

thanks for your respose. my ip is

That’s the IP address of a Cloudflare proxy server. It needs to the the IP address of your hosted site at your web host. Your web host should have DNS records there that you can copy over.

i understand thanks. is there a way seeing the history and get back my ip addres?

Good question. If it was there, it should show up in your Audit Log. It’s a little difficult to decipher, but the contents of the Audit Log entry should make sense.

great thanks. i now see that i deleted today the ip and kept the 104 one . so if i change it back will it solve the prob?

That’s the other IPv4 IP address for the Cloudflare proxy. That’s not going to be any better.

can it be

That’s still Cloudflare:

You really need to get in touch with your website host to get this information.

Thanks i’ll do it. Appreciate it.

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hi again. i got the site back on line thanks. the ip was but now i see that the mail from the contact form dosent work. can you help me with that ?

Just one side note, you have an insecure legacy encryption mode selected on Cloudflare. Your site is currently not secure, make sure that’s Full Strict.

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