Error 1000, issue with A name records

I´ve been using the services of Cloudflare for a year, and everything was working well. However, my website provider changed the DNS records I need to use, and after I updated them in Cloudflare, my website keep running into an Error 1000 code. I´ve checked the community help center, and done the tutorials from there, so I was able to identify that the A name records contain IP addresses that belongs to Cloudflare ( and My problem is that these are the correct new addresses I´ve got from my provider (Izettle / Selz).

Any idea how I could resolve this issue?

You were given these two 104 addresses by your host? That would suggest they themselves are on Cloudflare and you could only add unproxied records.

Update your DNS records in that case accordingly and make sure they are not proxied. Though, none of your Cloudflare settings will fire in this case and you’ll be only using Cloudflare for DNS.

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I see that Selz uses Cloudflare, so this is quite likely the case.

Thanks, this seems to work, the site can be accessed again!

Glad it got sorted out.

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