Error 1000 from Previous Owner's Cloudflare Account


I am getting the error message: “Error 1000 DNS points to prohibited IP”.

I am using a domain in which the previous owner still has an active cloudflare account. The previous owner is not responsive so I cannot get them to remove the domain on their cloudflare account.

I’ve changed my domain’s nameservers to the 2 provided by cloudflare. I have 3 A records: *, domain name, and www all pointing to my web server’s ip address. However, it still points to the old ip address when I check with The page has “Error 1000 DNS points to prohibited IP”

I’ve read the tutorial Fixing Error 1000 - DNS points to prohibited IP and also the posts from other people with the same error message, but I can’t find a way to fix this.

I put in a support ticket #2143526, but its been over a day with no response.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. thx

Have the nameservers updated yet?

yes, they have.

I’d recommend contacting support then (via the dashboard and seeing if they can purge the old zone)

ok thx, i’ll update my support ticket requesting purging old zone, but it’s been over a day without a response.

Yeah, the support response times are normally quicker on paid plans, but in most cases free plans can be waiting over 24h (depending on their current workload which is understandable and not a complaint, they obviously have to put paid clients first)

yes, i understand. i’m on the pro plan, not high priority.

Have you verified that the IP addresses for your web server are correct?

When you added the zone to your Cloudflare account, Cloudflare attempted to use the public DNS to import the most common DNS names for your zone. As the zone was already on Cloudflare, they would have imported the Cloudflare IP addresses, and not the actual Origin IP address. This results in the error you are seeing.

The other accounts DNS is irrelevant at this stage, as you have changed the nameservers and activated your copy of the domain. The other one will be detected as inactive, and deleted in a few weeks. But their settings are no longer in use.

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under DNS management, under “Content” all 3 A records has my new IP address that my web host provided.

Can you share the domain?

As you are on a Pro plan, the * record will not be proxied. What happens when you visit a hostname other than or

www version produces the error 1000 message

non-www works fine.

not sure what u mean by visiting other hostname

Both and ‘www’ are “A” records with the same IP address? And they’re both set to :orange: Proxied? (I know you said they have same IP address…just checking, plus the Proxied status)

He means that because you have a wildcard record, if you type (or some other subdomain name), does it work?

This is often a problem if the domain is tied to a partner setup where their DNS settings take priority over your new account. Support would have to untangle it if that’s the case.

It’s late, but I expect @cloonan to check Ticket #2143526, or we’ll flag it for staff in an earlier time zone tomorrow morning.

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Hi there @cschan1

I pulled up your support ticket and can see that the zone in question is currently not active on Cloudflare.

Looks like you deleted the zone from Cloudflare recently. Also noticed that your ticket is in Solved status, which I can switch back to Open for further investigation if you’d like?


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