My problem is the following, I create a record in the DNS of type A pointing to the ip of my web. The problem is that I get error 1000 which basically is that the record is pointing to an ip of cloudflare itself, considering that my website is hosted in cloudflare itself (the free web hosting they offer). My doubts are the following
Is there no way to do this registration if I use cloudflare’s hosting?
Is there any way to solve it?
Have I made a mistake and should I correct it?
Thanks in advance

Hi there!

From what I’ve found, these are the current details on error 1000:

Resolving [Error 1000]
If your DNS record(s) point to a Cloudflare IP

How Cloudflare IPs can end up in your DNS records

  • If you move a proxied domain from one Cloudflare account to another, sometimes the proxy addresses are imported by the new account, if you don’t replace this with your actual server IP on setup, it can result in this error.
  • If you mistakenly configure one of your DNS records to point to a Cloudflare IP

How to find the Cloudflare IP in your DNS records

  • Navigate to the [DNS App ] in your Cloudflare dashboard
  • Look at your DNS records and check that the IP address matches the one provided by your hosting provider
  • If you see IP addresses that begin with 104., they are most likely to be the Cloudflare ones, although sometimes this is not the case. You can use whois to see who owns an IP or use an online tool like whois . domaintools . com).

What to do once you have identified the Cloudflare IP

  • You now need to edit (or remove) the DNS records pointing to Cloudflare’s IPs to point to your own server.

This is an example from where a site has been moved from one Cloudflare account to another:

You can see here that there are three A records and three AAAA records for both the root domain and www , these all point to Cloudflare IPs and therefore need to be removed or edited to point to your server IP.

In general, your hosting provider will give you one IPv4 address (in the format XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) that goes in an [A record]

Hope this helps!

If you are using Cloudflare Pages, you should not be creating any records yourself.

Follow the steps in this guide instead:

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