Error 1000 | DNS points to prohibited IP


I hope you are all doing great. I pointed my domain from my old DNS:
cloe.ns.cloudflare + .com (I cannot add the .com on each since I am a new user)

To the new one:

  1. crystal.ns.cloudflare
  2. randall.ns.cloudflare

an two hours ago. My site is down since I updated the DNS… What can I do?

Best regards,
Tom Avery

When you add a domain to Cloudflare, the setup tool tries to import the DNS records that are visible on the Internet for that zone.

You added the domain to Cloudflare when it was already active on another Cloudflare account. Any DNS entry on the old account that was set to :orange: will have appeared to have two or three Cloudflare IP addresses, and those were imported, NOT the IP address of the Origin web server.

The fix is to delete the incorrect A/AAAA records, and create new records using the correct IP address for your origin.

Hi Michael,

I hope you are doing well. Thanks for your prompt reply. I tried:

  1. |
  2. |

    Whether it is one error or the other…

Which IP should I point it to?

The IP address of your web server. This should be given to you by your hosting provider. Cloudflare is not your hosting provider.

Looking at the public history for that domain name, is seems to have gone through multiple different Cloudflare accounts. Is there a reason it keeps moving accounts?

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Thanks! I got it back now with the hosting ip. Because someone else was helping me for free on their cloudflare account but we decided to move on our own.

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