Error 1000 - DNS points to prohibited IP

Hi everyone,

I am trying to workaround a worksite block of bitmetv-dot-org. I have setup apache to reverse proxy requests for bitmetv-dot-larwood-dot-id-dot-au to bitmetv.

Now bitmetv also uses Cloudflare and so I received ‘Error 1000: DNS points to prohibited IP’.

I read through the support article here: and implemented method 2 by configuring my DNS record for to ‘DNS only’ but the error persists.

Am I doing something wrong or is what I want to do not possible if both my domain and bitmetv use Cloudflare?

Apologies for the ‘-dot-’ but as a new user I am limited to two links per post.


Correct, you can’t layer Cloudflare over a Cloudflare domain. As soon as Cloudflare sees that the origin domain has Cloudflare cf- headers, it will give you the 1000 error.

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