Error 1000 DNS Points to Prohibited IP Now 404 Not Found

Hello, I was getting the Error 1000 DNS Points to Prohibited IP

Then I tried to resolve it by changing the IP address to one from my host

However, after implementing that change I am now getting the 404 Not Found error message.

Plus I am getting conflicting information on what my DNS nameservers should be. When I speak with Kajabi they tell me it should be:

However within Cloudflare it has default nameservers that I am unable to change as I am on the free plan:

Please see below for my Cloudflare setup

A doctorpremed (dot) com

A pop

A pop

A www

A www

That depends on how you’re setting up your custom domain at Kajabi.

jermaine & joice are Kajabi’s Cloudflare nameservers.

austine & dee are your Cloudflare nameservers.

You can use either set of nameservers, but the setup will be different depending on which one you use. There are also implications and tradeoffs to keep in mind.


If you use Kajabi’s nameservers, you’re essentially adding your domain to their Cloudflare account. This setup is easier, as the Kajabi part is done automatically, and Kajabi’s suppport team can fix domain-related issues for you.

But the tradeoff is that you can’t add the domain to your own Cloudflare account, and you’ll need to make all changes – including DNS record changes – from your Kajabi dashboard. And you can’t use any other Cloudflare service other than what Kajabi offers you (which will be just DNS management.)

And note that with this option, you’ll need to change your nameservers at your domain registrar, and not in Cloudflare. In fact, as explained above, you can’t even use this with your own Cloudflare account at all – and Cloudflare will automatically delete the site from your account after a while when they detect the domain no longer uses the nameserver assigned to you.


To add your domain to your own Cloudflare account and use the full suite of Cloudflare services, you’ll need to use the nameservers Cloudflare assigns to you. But, in this case, you’ll connect to Kajabi site by adding the appropriate CNAME record to your Kajabi account.

I just set up a Kajabi trial account just to test this, and it seems they deliberately want you to use OPTION 1, as the second option is unnecessarily complicated.

  1. You need to select the sub-domain option when adding your custom domain in Kajabi. But you can use this to have your site working at (this is technically a subdomain!)
  2. In the domain field, enter (replace with your own domain), and in the subdomain field enter www.
  3. After this, you’ll be given the CNAME record to add in your Cloudflare DNS.

Here’s what I got after following the above steps:

After this, your Kajabi site will be accessible from, but not

The final step is to set up a 301 redirection rule in Cloudflare to forward any URL at to the equivalent URL at

I hope that helps :smiley:

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