Error 1000 - DNS points to prohibited IP - No solution

I have read several threads, but can’t find the resources to solve the problem.

I am trying to forward my domain to Zenfolio. I get the Error 1000 page and have tried everything to fix without any luck.

Any help would be amazing.

You mean with a redirect rule? If so, then the IP address for that hostname can be a AAAA proxied record pointing to 100::, and a redirect rule similar to one of these examples:

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Currently it looks like this. Obviously my domain is in there. Can you explain a bit more in detail what might need to change here?

Also, my registrar is Godaddy, if that impacts anything.

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 3.48.28 PM|690x309

You didn’t answer my question about forwarding, so I can only guess at what you’re trying to do.

Those IP addresses belong to Zenfolio, which is using Cloudflare, so you can’t take those over. You’ll have to ask Zenfolio how to do what you’re trying to do. They’ll most likely advise you to use a CNAME.

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