Error 1000 - DNS points to prohibited IP (no CF IPs)


I just added a loadbalancer and two servers into the pool. When adding the servers to the pool I used their IPs. This seems to work however the pool shows “Critical” because the SSL does not match the IP. This bugs me so I tried to resolve it by adding two A-records, one for each server like:

I changed the IPs for these sub-domains in the pool settings. It resolves the “Critical” note on the pool status. But it instantly results in error:
Error 1000 - DNS points to prohibited IP

There are no Cloudflare IPs in my DNS for this domain and they were not moved over from anywhere else.

Probably missing something easy…

How do I get rid of that “Critical” note on pool status properly, or should I just leave the IPs there and ignore it.

Are they pointing to the same IP or different IP?

Could you try with option Pause Cloudflare on Site?
Therefore, re-check for the DNS records if they point to the correct IP address of your hosting provider or your origin host/server.

May I suggest looking here:

This could lead to a potential issue with SSL as far as it is a deep sub-domain at first sight to me:

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Thank you for the suggestions and help. I added a good header value to each server in the pool and the issue with it showing critical status is now resolved.

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