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I hope you all doing well. I have a domain pointed to Cloudflare. Recently I received an error saying “1000 Dns prohibited IP”. Moreover, when I checked the IP from DNS app in Cloudflare I don’t see any A record pointing to Cloudflare. Everything seems to be fine and pointed to my hosting. However, When I look from DNS lookup I see an IP that starts with “104” related to Cloudflare. That could be the problem as it seems. How could I resolve the issue?

I have attached a capture to understand the problem clearly.

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This message means that your DNS record is pointing to a prohibited IP. Please see Fixing Error 1000 - DNS points to prohibited IP for resolution steps.

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Hello I’m doing well.

I checked however, I don’t see any Cloudflare IP. The A records pointed to my host.
When I checked with DNS propagation tool it shows an Cloudflare IP how’s that possible and how do I correct it?

Screenshot 2021-09-14 160042

From above screenshot, both A type records for your domain are pointed to an Cloudflare IP (the ones starting with 141.), which is why you get the error 1000 as @bailey.stringer pointed to an article for more information.

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Those look like WPEngine IP addresses. They already use Cloudflare, so you’ll have to toggle those IP addresses to :grey: DNS Only.

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