Error 1000: DNS points to prohibited IP (I don't understand anything :(

Hello. My domain is:
Problem: When i’m added my site on cloudflare and added dns records.

and then…

They say I should change the DNS A records for my domain to resolve to a different IP address.
but i don’t understand about this :frowning:… I’m try following another topic but i can’t solve it. Can somebody help me? Thanks very much. :sweat_smile:
P/s: I’m not good English and i have SSL Cert on my domain

You only need one of each record. But you have two records for each, and those are Cloudflare IP addresses which cause the 1000 error.

Your DNS records here should be just like the DNS records at your web host.

please give example

A record - your domain - your server’s IP
A record - www - your server’s IP

and one MX record

This will be enough in most situations.

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