Error 1000 DNS points to prohibited IP - how to solve it?


Im sorry, I know that there is a lots of topic regarding this problem.
But I dont really know what to do ?

I found in the support these below 2 points to resolve the problem:
I think that in my case the solution is in the point 2 (reverse-proxy) because I didnt find an A record pointing to Cloudflare IP ?

Thank you for your help…


1- If an A record within your Cloudflare DNS app points to a Cloudflare IP addressOpen external link, update the IP address to your origin web server IP address.
2 - There is a reverse-proxy at your origin that sends the request back through the Cloudflare proxy. Instead of using a reverse-proxy, contact your hosting provider or site administrator to configure an HTTP redirect at your origin.

Which DNS record are you having that error with?



I have apparently a problem with the “A” records. Yesterday, I removed the reverse proxy to see if that would solve the problem. In 24 hours, still nothing, I’ll wait another 24 hours, hoping that the problem is solved…

So it seems the unproxied it reaches the host. However, the host has a 403 error.

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