Error 1000: DNS points to prohibited IP for ZenDesk

Hi! I read a previous post here that talk about the same error. In my case I try to follow this guide from Zendesk. As it’s mentioned I did set the domain in DNS mode only but still I do get the 1000 error. (I try to add the link to the article and to the other ticket thread here but the forums block me from using a url…)

DNS Setup:

Error (I try to link the screenshot of the error but the forum block me from using two image…)

Hi @adoyon,

A DNS 1000 error basically means that you are pointing your DNS record to a prohibited IP.
Error 1000: DNS points to prohibited IP

Zendesk is a Cloudflare partner and so you are effectively pointing your DNS to one of Cloudlfare’s IP addresses.
Zendesk Case Study

This type of setup is possible, but it will only work if all the configurations are ok on the Zendesk’s side and your account is properly configured to use the custom domain.

I would direct you to the following guide from Zendesk and recommend you to read the To configure a CNAME in the Cloudflare dashboard and Specifying the new address sections of the document.

In case this is still not enough, I would suggest you to contact Zendesk support, since everything seems to be ok from Cloudflare’s end from what you shared.

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