Error 1000 - DNS points to prohibited IP Error

Hello everyone, 
I am working on bubble and I have purchased a starter plan there. I have to add custom domain and my domain DNS is managed on Cloudflare. They provide me with 4 IPs to add in my A record and Name is `` all ips starts with 104

Last time when I purchased it and points to the same IP it worked. Now it is not working and it says that DNS points to prohibited IP. I got to know that also uses cloudflare DNS and cloudflare prohibits its own IPs in A records because of multiple reverse proxies. Now I need these IPs to be allowed by Cloudflare to get my app working.
Kindly help me solve this issue as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Any support form cloudflare team?

Did you read this?

Yes. Everything is same but now it’s working fine I just turned on the orange cloud and turned it off
it started working.

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