Error 1000 dns points to prohibited IP Error


I have the error 1000, but some users can see the site some times.

Also if I remove the AAAA records pointing at Cloudflare then the error goes but sometimes we then get the error of DNS could not be resolved :(.

Whats the URL and post a screenshot of your DNS records.

Hi, Thanks for the reply

I hope this helps :smiley:

I remove the AAAA records pointing at the Cloudflare servers (IPV6)

Well, thats loads fine right now, doesnt it?

Except for the fact that you dont have a proper certificate on your server.

Hi, Yes that might of resolved it and we just need the certificate and an https redirect. I will check :). I have had to add the AAAA records back as I was told the site was failing to load with out them

Your site seems to be working just fine. Just make sure you install a valid certificate on your server.

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Sorry I thought I had replied. We will try again now I have a redirect rule for http to https and see what happens :slight_smile:

You mean a page rule? You dont need that, you can simply enable the global “Always use HTTPS” setting. That will do the same.

Still, install that certificate on your server.

Hi Sandro,

I removed the AAAA records that point to the CloudFlare server and now we get the following error :frowning:

There was no AAAA record to begin with. Why did you change it? It did work.

You need to post a current screenshot of your DNS records again.

Hi Sandro,

The screenshot with the A and AAAA records are as before any changes :). There are two redirects which I have added screenshots for and also the 1000 error the some users get some of the time.

I hope this make sense and you can help :slight_smile:

These are Cloudflare addresses and the reason why you get that error. Remove these AAAA records, respectively if you think you need them you will have to specify the actual address of your server.

But again, I believe you dont need them and the site loaded just fine without them.

Hi Sandro,

Thanks so much for your help :).

If I remove those addresses, the error does go away but then some of the users are unable to load the site at all. DNS not found ‘Error 1016’ screenshot.

Any ideas what is happening there?

Do I just need to add the dns to an A record?

I did a DNS check and it is returning

You only need the IP addresses which were given to you by your host. Nothing else.

Right now it does load. If it doesnt for some users, they need to provide you with exact error messages.

Thanks :). Ok should I should be able to get the IP address from the console/admin of the host? We have moved from another provide to Cloudflare. If we remove the aaaa records then we get the dns error

The AAAA records you currently have are not valid in the first place. Does your server come with IPv6 addresses? If not, you should forget about any AAAA records.

As for the DNS error, can you post a screenshot?

Hi Sandro,

Sorry for the late reply. This is the error :frowning:



That is a screenshot of your own machine, isnt it? And that is the error when you point to an invalid address.

Again, remove all AAAA records and only keep the one your host assigned to you.


So yes that is the error when we remove the AAAA records and leave the A record? So does that mean the A record is wrong I guess,

That ip should be