Error 1000 DNS points to prohibited IP and Argo Tunnel

I followed this tutorial but when I open the url I have Error 1000. The DNS A records don’t point Cloudflare’s IPs so I don’t know what’s the problem.

You should not be using A records. It needs to be CNAME records to use tunnels.

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I use CNAME as shown in the tutorial but I mentioned because I read that Error 1000 could be caused by wrong IP (not my case).

can you share a screenshot of the error and exact steps to reproduce?

This the url , you will see Error 1000.

The problem is that belongs to one zone and its CNAME points to a Tunnel ID that was created in another zone.

You cannot do DNS (zone A) → Tunnel (zone B) for security reasons.


What can I do to override the problem?

Did you proxy :orange: the CNAME record used to point to

Ok, you may remove the screenshot now to prevent exposing your IP address.

By the way, back to the response given by @nuno.diegues. Where did you create the tunnel (which Cloudflare account)? Is it the same account as to where domain is located?

Yes the account is the same for and for the tunnel.

Negative. Your Tunnel was created in a different account than the account that owns
I have double checked that, and that’s your problem.

I must have misunderstood your question. Do you mean I have two Cloudflare’s accounts?
My domain is registered on, after I registered the Cloudflared account and I replaced the dns indicated by Cloudflare.

Sorry, my bad. I must have queried something wrong back then, and I did the same mistake twice.
I can only see one account used for your tunnel and your account in fact.

I think the problem is this.
I am not versed on the details, but my hunch is this.

Maybe others can chime in on their experience of setting up Tunnel without the domain being registered with Cloudflare.

Finally I have tried with another domain. This one haven’t DNS records, I added only the CNAME and worked immediatly.

Probably the problem was related to A record, but I never done any other tests.