Error 1000 - DNS points to prohibited IP 05-24-2020


I am receiving an Error 1000 on my Wordpress website, and need help.

I’ve read the following post which was not helpful at all.

henrico was unable to solve his issues.

Sandro not was good at providing henrico with instructions (the proof can be seen based on how henrico had to ask many clarifying questions to Sandro, henrico had to go back and forth in the messages with Sandro many times, and he was unable resolve the error 1000 issue for henrico).

I’d like to stay optimistic with Cloudflare for the time-being and see if I am able to get help with this issue.

@sandro @henrico

any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve also opened a support ticket

Your request (#1895254)

Where did you get these IPs from? It’s a Cloudflare IP and you cannot use it for any record and you need to use your hosts IP address.



Thank you for your response and helping me work through these issues.

I’ve updated my DNS records, I’m not sure if this is correct and what to do next.

I’ve pointed Namecheap back to SiteGround because my website was not loading at all.

Any guidance on what I need to do next is much appreciated.

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Hi @livelongblogger,

I would tend to disagree, the help center guide was linked to which should be the first point of reference, then further information was requested and the solution to the problem was given. It is common for people to ask clarifying questions and you can’t really expect every possible question to be covered in a response as that’s just not feasible.

Your issue is very similar to the thread you linked to. You have now pointed your nameservers back to Siteground, so I would suggest following the advice in the other thread. Remove your domain from Cloudflare, wait at least 15 min and re-add it, hopefully it should then scan and pick up the correct DNS records this time. Once you re-add the site, you should see the IP starting in 35.208. and not the 104. addresses which are Cloudflare’s.


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