"Error 1000 DNS points prohibited in IP

I know this has been addressed in other threads, but I do not have the tech sills to fix this issue and need someone to help. Also I need tech stuff explained to me like I’m in kindergarten :slight_smile:

My website is www.meredithmorancounseling.com

I recently purchased my domain name for Therapy sites to use on other platforms. I switched my email over to gmail, but I want my Therapy sires website to keep runny and it is currently not.

Please help me fix this

Most likely:


Or your host is possibly already using Cloudflare:

So how do I know this? Here’s what I am seeing and it means nothing to me.

Where do I find my original website’s IP address?

That’s something your host can tell you. They can provide any information needed to get this set up.

Btw. How recently? That Domain was in use before and active on Cloudflare. Anyway. You need to ask your hosting provider first. Who is it?

Within the past 2 weeks. I moved my email over to Google and had to do some stuff in the DNS and now the therapy sites website won;t work. I sent an email to Therapy sites to get the IP address.

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