Error 1000 DNS Point to prohibited

I am getting an error 1000 when using Argo Tunnel in Kubernetes. The recommendation is to change the DNS A record for the domain but how do we do that when Cloudflare creates the LB

Is this immediately after creation of the tunnel? Does the issue persist?

Also please upgrade to the latest version if you can I believe a new version was released yesterday.

The problem is intermittent. This error started happening after the upgrade to 0.5.2, which resolved a previous problem

Chipping in here. It is still going on and is intermittent:

Edit: Raw accesslogs from Cloudflare just says 403:

  "ClientIP": "",
  "ClientRequestHost": "",
  "ClientRequestMethod": "GET",
  "ClientRequestURI": "/test/bp6-25062018-AM-01.jpeg?wid=2000",
  "EdgeEndTimestamp": 1535114375750999800,
  "EdgeResponseBytes": 1873,
  "EdgeResponseStatus": 403,
  "EdgeStartTimestamp": 1535114375362000000,
  "RayID": "44f5e1ee0dc48588"

LB health check logs says nothing. Ingress logs are quiet (no errors around the same time reported). Request not recieved to our stack so nothing interesting in http logs.

Can this be tied to argo ingress not being enabled in all edges somehow (not sure if this is still the case)?

Edit2: Firewall event log is empty should that matter.