Error 1000 DNS Point to Prohibited IP

I’ve setup new Cloudflare (free) account. I am trying to setup A records to point to my (zero code platform) using their specified A records.


I’ve set these up using “DNS Only” setting to start with, instead of Proxy setting.

Domain is

I’ve checked the settings have propagated using Google Dig tool etc, and the A records reporting are correct.

But when I check the URL via a browser it get a Cloudflare error page:

Error 1000

Ray ID: xxxxx • 2024-03-01 23:05:36 UTC

DNS points to prohibited IP

Google Dig Check

Those are Cloudflare IPs so your provider must be using Cloudflare as well which complicates things.

If the provider has a section to add a “custom domain” then do so, and you can also try unproxying the records to see if that helps but it probably won’t.

From Cloudflare’s perspective this other customer needs to make a Custom Hostname. Usually they expose this in a custom domain setting.

If you have further questions I recommend reaching your host as they should be familiar with this error and may be able to point you to how to add a custom domain to their platform.


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