Error 1000 but the offending DNS record doesnt exist

I am getting an error 1000 for a subdomain, the error page says I should delete the A record for this subdomain, problem is, there is no A record, the subdomain is mapped with a CNAME record (and doesn’t point towards an IP address).

Has anyone run into this or knows of a fix

To clarify, there is no A record for me to delete.


I’ve already checked that tutorial, it only relates to A records. As already mentioned, I do not have an A record to delete and am trying to troubleshoot an error which should not be showing up.

Substitute A for any DNS record which ultimately resolves to an invalid IP.A CNAME ultimately resolves to an IP, that’s how the interwebs work. What is the DNS record in question?

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I have a cname record for which should resolve to (non-proxied) - I also spoke to host and they confirmed all settings are correct.

The error says “you should login to Cloudflare and change the DNS A records for to resolve to a different IP address.” ultimately points to which is a Cloudflare IP address. If the host is using Cloudflare for ssl for ssas, then they need to provision your within their Cloudflare interface.

Issue is on your host’s side if you’re pointed to the address they’re telling you to point to, they’ll need to fix it.

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