Error 1000 - But I did not change anything!

This error popped up but I have not made ANY changes to my account in 2 years. Why would it happen now? I have no idea how to fix what I did not change. HELP!

Any more details you can share, steps to reproduce, site, et al?

Wish I knew more. Nothing changed for the past two years. All of a sudden this error popped up. Clueless why. Most people experiencing this issue seemed to have made resent changes to their site or hosting. We did none of this. Two hours ago all was fine and now we are out of business.

The A record and DNS are the same as they have always been.

Thanks for any ideas.

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What is the page where you are hitting the error?

I don’t see anything in the audit log that indicates otherwise, but the value of the A record for both of your zones points to a cloudflare IP, it should point to the ip of your origin server.


1 Like throws the error, redirects. Can you check and verify that the value for your A record points to the origin IP?

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