Error 1000 and Lighthouse returned error google page speed

Hello, since I put the website on cloudflare the website shows Error 1000 - DNS points to prohibited IP on my phone.
Can I reset the DNS record somewhere? Because I don’t know which dns record is the problem. The site also cannot get picked up my the google page speed bot anymore . "Lighthouse returned error: ERRORED_DOCUMENT_REQUEST. "

my website is

thank you for your help!

What is the DNS record for your www subdomain? Could you screenshot it?

Yes, sure. here it is :slight_smile:

You’ve put Cloudflare’s edge node public IP addresses for the bananasgame and www DNS entries. When you added your site to Cloudflare, it should have shown you the records it searched for from your existing setup.

You only need one “A” record for bananasgame and ‘www’, and that info has to come from your host. My first guess would be the 92. IP addresses in those other entries.

And you can get rid of those AAAA records. You don’t need them.

Oh, and the ‘mail’ DNS entry should be set to :grey: DNS Only.

Hi Sdayman,
thank you for your fast reply and your help!
I think it happened because I erased the domain and readded it and then it added more to it than before.
Is this correct like this now?

You deleted the bad A and AAAA records, but you did not replace them. You need two “A” records: one for the domain name, and one for ‘www’. Pretty much like what your second picture showed: @ means domain name, plus the www one.

ok, great. I hope this is ok like this now? I use this domain not as primary domain in my hosting package. The primary domain is something else which I only use as a forwarding to this domain. Is this the reason why it still needs another dns record?
Google page speed still can’t access the website. In Chrome it says:
“Lighthouse returned error: NOT_HTML. The page provided is not of type HTML (provided as MIME type).” and in Edge it says: “Lighthouse returned error: FAILED_DOCUMENT_REQUEST. Lighthouse could not reliably load the page you requested. Check that you are testing the correct URL and that the server is responding appropriately to all requests. (Details: net::ERR_CONNECTION_FAILED)”

Has this still to do with an error in the dns record? And does the A dns record for mail need to be the same ip thant the admin and www or is it different? I can’t find it in my hosting dns record

You’re still missing the one for @ (your domain name).

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