Error 1000 after updating nameservers

Hello, I am new to cloudflare and websites in general, I have just taken over the management of a website hosted on I purchased email accounts and I was following the instruction on adding the necessary info to cloudflare. I was given new nameservers to replace my current ones on namecheap and once this was completed and I attempted to access my webpage I got the error 1000.

I have searched the help topics and I seen some previous posts but I am a total novice at this and I am not sure what I am doing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you still have access to your DNS records at Namecheap, make sure the records here are a perfect match. This error is most commonly caused by one or more DNS records in the Cloudflare dashboard pointing to a Cloudflare IP address. It can also be caused if your DNS record(s) reference another reverse proxy. To resolve this, you should edit your DNS records to point to your origin server’s IP address.

More details in this Community Tutorial:

And this support article:

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