Error 1000 after activating on cloudfare

I just updated why webpage with Cloudflare approximately 12 hours ago. I received my confirmation from cloudflare that my status is active. I am not getting an error 1000 when trying to access domain. I received my Origin IP address to update my DNS records TYPE A, however there are approximately 16 different type A currently with different IP address should these all be updated to my Origin IP? Thank you.

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We aren’t going to know what IPs you need to place in your A records. You will need to determine what host provides the service you expect to access at each particular hostname and use the IP provided by that host. If you know that those services run on the same origin IP that you have used in another hostname, you can update those records to use it.

One of the most common causes of this error is using Cloudflare proxy IPs in your DNS. Have you reviewed the troubleshooting guide for that error?

Thank you for the reply. Yes I found some of the Ips are cloudflares Ips, I am unsure how to figure out what each Ip should be changed to. I reached out to my hosting provider and they provided me with my Origin Ip. Under my domain records there are 16 different Type A, should these all be changed to the same Origin Ip that my hosting provider supplied to me?

Maybe. If they represent services that you use on same server, the answer is probably yes.

Be sure that any hostnames that you will use with protocols other than HTTP or HTTPS are set to :grey: DNS Only.

My type A all seem to be duplicated, should I delete the duplicated type A with cloudflares ip?

Those are all automatically created cPanel hostnames. You can delete one of each duplicate and change the one that remains to the IP of your cPanel host. If you are using email, FTP, or SSH with anot of those hostnames, make sure to to set them to :grey: DNS Only.

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Thank you very much error is now fixed


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