Error 1000 after account move

Error 1000

I’ve got a client who has their dns setup on cloudflare from a previous web developer (who went under) and I moved their domain over to my account on CF. Before I moved it there we’re getting an Error 521.

After this change I’ve got a Error 1000 message. All the fixes I’ve found online say to point back to the original web server, but in this case I don’t know who that is unfortunately because I have no way to contact the old developer.

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue? If nothing else potentially find the original host of the site?

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You will not be able to obtain that information from Cloudflare. Security and privacy protocols make that an impossibility.

Who pays for the hosting? If your client pays for it, their accounts payable records may get you closer to the details you need.

If the site was accessed directly prior to being added to Cloudflare, it may be possible to find the origin server IP in a DNS history tool.

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