Error 1000 / 404


I’m using Cloudflare via hosting service Altervista. Also turned on HTTPS. Everything in order except my main domain will not forward to my forward address from Altervista including https://. Then suddenly I got an email from Cloudflare about adding a site. So I did. Had to change nameservers on my account for Then all I had to do was wait since it was pending. A little while later it was added, but then after visiting my site I got an error 1000. Got that error only once. Now I only see a 404 error.

I read something about changing the IP address. But no idea which address I should use. Did check other topics about this problem but couldn’t really understand the advice that was given.

EDIT: Forgot to mention. I did click the orange cloud icon next to the CNAME (www) record. But that didn’t help. This is method 2 found on Cloudflare support.

Hope to get some help. Thank you!

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