Erro 521 When SSL FULL

When activating the SSL FULL function, my site falls into error 521.

I have already generated a certificate of origin in cloudflare and installed it on my origin server (hostgator) even so whenever I activate SSL FULL my site goes to error 521.

Try to install an SSL certificate from the hostagor itself, but when requesting this certificate it from the INSTALLATION FAILURE.

according to support this error happens there because my domain is pointing to cloudflare. and even adding the cnames records that they request, I can’t ssl hostagor itself.

according to hostgator there is no problem there, and they do not block anything from cloudflare.

Can someone help me ?

as you can see in the images below.


Domain seems to be properly configured. I presume it currently is not on Full, right?

Would you feel comfortable sharing the server IP address here?

yes it is currently in the flexible option.

because whenever I put FULL the site is off.

I can’t share the ip: /

If you cant share the address it is difficult to say more. You’ll need to talk to your host about that.

If you feel comfortable, you could run a check with the address at and post the time here when you ran it.

my biggest problem is the error> ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS

in the subdomain>

this domain is aimed at kajabi. and there I was informed that I need to activate the SSL FULL function: /

You simply need to make sure your server properly responds on HTTPS.

I activated SSL FULL and did the verification, currently my site is off error 521

You’ll need to run the check with the IP address.


Alright, yes, the Origin certificate is properly configured and the server does respond. Considering Cloudflare still throws a 521, it would suggest your host somehow blocks Cloudflare’s proxies from connecting to the server.

I am afraid that is still something only your host can fix. They need to look at the server and check why and how they block Cloudflare.

A 521 is covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 521: Web server is down

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