Erro 521 web server is down

Good afternoon,

I am trying to enable my website address www to access my computer with windows server 2016 with apache released on port 8080. I have already put the dns of cloudeflare in my www record and the error 521 Web server is down appears. I already released the IPs on my firewall

even so it didn’t work.

What can I be wrong?


Anything firewall related, however, should be taken to StackExchange and alike.

Thanks for the answer.

My Apache server is configured to work for port 8080 and not 80 as shown in your answer.
Port 8080 is also configured on my firewall and also redirected on the router.
Could this be the problem?

As long as port 8080 is configured it should work too, but that really is rather a question for StackExchange I am afraid.

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