ERRO 521 - klickpages

Não entendi o que vocês fizeram, eu tenho que apagar o CNAME que vai pro proxyklickpages e criar um novo para esse endereço

sim. é examinante isso.

Acho que apaguei alguma coisa errada, deu esse erro agora.
Alguem tem o link de configuração dos CNAME disponibilizado pelo klickpages?

cara, basta ficar igual a imagem abaixo:

If you want to replace the CNAME with that IP address, you need to remove the CNAME and create an A record instead pointing to that address.

However I’d advise against doing that, as that might be just a temporary workaround and the site might stop working again. It appears only the CNAME is the officially published way to point to their service.

Also you are essentially pointing your sites to a random server. That server could be part of your provider’s network, but there is no guarantee it actually is.

Again, you need to contact them and clarify what the issue is.

The machine seems to be reachable again.

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