Erro 520 - Já tentei de tudo

Tenho um site apenas para hobby (não ganho dinheiro com isso) e desde o dia 27/07 o site ficou instável e apresentando o erro 520. Já consultei meu provedor e não é com eles… Não sei mais o que fazer.
Meu site está com o ultimo Wordpress e idem o php.
Desde já lhes agradeço

I have a hobby-only site (I don’t earn money with this) and since the 27th of July the site was unstable and showing error 520. I’ve already consulted my provider and it’s not with them… I don’t know what else to do.
My site is with the latest Wordpress and php too.
I thank you in advance

Any 5xx error is because of a connection to the host. Sometimes it’s an incompatibility, and sometimes it’s because your host doesn’t let Cloudflare connect. Does it happen all the time? What’s the domain?

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the page is unstable… Sometimes it opens normal sometimes not. The domain is

Is this hosted at WordPress DOT com? I got a 520, and then it worked when I tried again.

It’s possible they are rate limiting connections from Cloudflare. But I would be surprised, considering that they work together on some Cloudflare products.

Is there a WordPress DOT com community where you can ask if others have gotten 520 errors through Cloudflare? I don’t see any such messages here.

Its hosted on godaddy

Ah…are you using Jetpack, then? I saw a lot of resources.

Their Support is terrible. If they say the problem isn’t with them, then it probably is.

I think I found an error in Jetpack, I turned it off and I’ll keep monitoring

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Não que seja a “melhor” das dicas, mas no caso do Wodpress já vi tanto bug estranho nesses “provedores” que eu desisti. Agora sempre configuro minha própria instancia e coloco o plugin da Cloudflare (APO) e nunca mais tive problemas.

Pessoalmente mantenho uma maquina na Hetzner ($ 2,49 ) para isso e outras pequenas coisas. Simples, barato e tenho total controle.

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