Erro 1000, apontamento tipo A

Gostaria de fazer um apontamento tipo A com IPs fornecidos pela nuvemshop para estar com minha loja vinculada ao domínio, fui na zona de dns configurar e foi feito com exito mas ao tentar acessar a página ocorre o fato de que não fui exposto de que os IPs fornecidos eram da cloudflare, isso causa um conflito, teria uma forma de resolver? ou terei que sair da plataforma?

Set the DNS entry to :grey: and it will resolve to the actual IP address, though you’ll be using Cloudflare only for DNS then.

Well, I did as I said but it still shows error 1000. It seems that the IP provided causes a conflict in the proxy and even when it is deactivated this also happens, so I will have to leave that platform or simply try to change the IP

That error suggest your DNS entry points to an address not supported by Cloudflare. What’s the domain?

the domain is empó and the IP is provided by NUVEMSHOP so I can put my website on the domain

You need to talk to your host here. They also use Cloudflare and your domain is not configured on their end.

Pause Cloudflare for now and contact your host - Pause Cloudflare · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

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