Erreurs lors des contrôles d'intégrité du site


qui peut m’aider sur ces 2 erreurs, voir la PJ ?

merci d’avance


For the DS record, you might not have DNSSEC enabled, which many people don’t. It’s not required.

The TTFB error says the server response was slower than 800ms.

how I do to check this (if I have or not DNSSEC) ?

what do I have to do to improve the 2nd point (TTFB) ?

What’s your domain and who’s your registrar? DNSSEC support also depends on the registrar itself - not all registrars support DNSSEC, for example, Freenom does not support DNSSEC.

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Thank’s for your return,
The web site is hosted by

I am writing an email about your comment

I have an another question about the configuration of Cloudflare. If you have a time, can we do a skypemeeting and check my configuration ?

Looks like they support DNSSEC.

To enable DNSSEC,

Sorry, I’m just a regular Cloudflare customer and spending some time in the community to answer people’s questions.

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If you have time can you check our website Performance (our site ?
When I check at GTMATRIX , I have not a good performance and I don’t know what I do ?

I will buy the paid version of CLoudflare ?

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