Erratic idle battery usage (10% in 2 hours)

Warp can be a calm background process when phone is idle. See screenshot from 14:00-14:45 (and earlier when other apps were lightly in use, not shown in detail).

Warp then switched to eat battery mode whilst the phone remained idle (10% in 2 hours). See screenshots from hours 14:45-16:45.

Later (about 20:30) I became suspicious and switched to DNS only. Note no battery usage for 1 hour 21:00-22:00 in last screenshot

The iPhone X (iOS 13.1.3, V4.2 (1911251900.0)) was in same physical location (on wifi with cellular available) and environment throughout.

WARP may be desirable, but a non flat battery wins!!

A permanent VPN connection drains batteries on iOS even If it’s running in the Background. That’s my experience. One day I forgot to terminate a connection via Pulse Secure and I noticed the same. How ever, file a bug with :wbug: and let them know. :slight_smile:

Bug already filed. Note it can run in the background and use no power!

I see the same behavior at iOS 14.2 on iPhone11.
The top battery-consuming app is “”. I filed a bug report and asked for feedback via the in-app bug reporting feature.
Hopefully, this can be improved. Conserving smartphone battery life is a crucial thing.