My website is well connected to cloudflare, linked at the same time in a partner account.
But when I try to go to
I have this message that appears:
This site is inaccessible The web page at may be temporarily inaccessible or may have been permanently moved to another web address.
Can you tell me why it does not work?


I see that is a CNAME for, and that doesn’t exist.

Are you the Hosting Partner?


Yes, I am a web hosting partner with another account. Do I have to create CNAME from directly in the main partner account?


The entire domain appears to be messed up. Just look at its nameserver setup, both on the .fr root servers and its own nameservers.

I’d highly recommend to sort out that setup before proceeding with anything.


@sandro Thank you for your answer, but I do not understand when you say that configuration is messed up.
Can you give me an example for me to make changes to my configuration?


For example, .fr believes your domain points to three nameservers under your own domain, whereas they seem to announce OVH hosts.

Which should the nameservers be? Shouldnt these be Cloudflare ones?


I thought as if the account is already activated and associated on the partner account it should connect directly. But I just changed everything on the DNS side there is still no change


If it is a partner setup I’d contact the host to have it fixed.

If not I would point it to the nameservers provided by Cloudflare.

Where should it point to?


Today when partner uses the DNS of cloudflare all websites no longer work alone the main domain (domain related to the partner account) that works.
It’s been a month that it lasts and I lost a lot of customers.
For information,
cloudflare is well installed on cPanel and also on WHMCS it gives two possibilities for customers to go on cloudflare, but when client joins from cPanel, the domain does not appear on the cloudflare partner account. I think I have some difficulties but I do not know where?

My website Is Currently Down
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